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This is the story


And you're in it.

I've been dreaming about LYLAS for years. 

You may call it by something different, but I bet you've been dreaming about it, too. 


LYLAS is a place, for sure (you're here, yay!). I hope you come here to get great ideas and insights on the things that we all want to know more about: style, wellness, relationships, career. 


But it's something bigger than that, too.

It's a feeling. A choice. A way to be.


It's a decision to look around us

and see each other as sisters.

My greatest fortune, no doubt, has been landing in this world as the youngest of six girls. My sisters are a gift. They taught me what it means to be understood, supported, truly loved. With them, I'm never alone.

When we lost our sister Jane to leukemia in 2011, the five of us left had to figure out sisterhood all over again. What would we do without beautiful Jane, Sister #3, the center link of our chain? As we learned how to hold space for her spirit, Jane taught us that sisterhood expands beyond the confines of what we thought we knew.


That's when I started dreaming about LYLAS.


I know there are tons of places you can go to get great content on beauty and style and relationships and work. I love those places, too. But I hope you'll also come hang out here, where we can do it together.


Maybe you're preparing for your first job interview.

Maybe you're about to have your first baby.

Maybe, to your disbelief, you just had your first hot flash.

Maybe you're holding your first grandchild.'re just trying to decide what to wear to that party next weekend.


Whatever it is, I want you to know that you've got sisters. Friends who have done it before you, or will do it after you, or are right there on the journey with you. We're all in this life together, and we all have so much to give, and so much to learn from each other. 


Why should any of us go it alone? We don't have to. I say we figure this stuff out together.


Five sisters by blood, four gorgeous sisters-in-law, and an incredible, diverse flock of women who have graced me with friendship over the years.


This is how I count my sisters, and why I count myself lucky. I want you to join us. 


Let's do this. Let's build a sisterhood for all of us. Meet you back here soon. 


LYLAS xo, 


PS - If you want to reach me, I honestly would love to hear what you have to share.

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