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There are a thousand reasons to light a candle.

When my sisters and I want to share a moment, memory, or feeling together, we light a candle, snap a photo, and send it to each other.  There’s such meaning in a flame that’s shared by souls that are connected.

Each inspired by one of my birth sisters, the 2020 LYLAS candles honor the deepest gifts we receive from each other. 


Gift it to someone you love.

Who is she to you? Is she your healer? Your sanctuary? Perhaps she’s your muse, your angel…or your joy. Thank her for the gift she is to you, with a candle that reminds her why you love her each time she lights it. 


Gift it to your own soul.

Bring it home and light it to invite the inspiration of the candle into your life, or to remind you of the gift you wish to offer to the world. 

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