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5 Ways to Style a Cashmere Wrap for Summer

Sound counter-intuitive? It's not! Between air conditioning, cool evenings, and oceanside breezes, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate this functional piece into your coolest summer looks.

A few months ago, a good friend turned me on to Naked Cashmere, which left me wondering how I ever existed in a world without it. After a thorough inspection of their entire, impressive inventory, I decided to order this perfect grey wrap...just in time for summer.

Odd timing, you say? I say, not at all. There are so many ways I'll be wearing this wrap, starting now, and of course, moving through fall into winter as well.

Here's a bit of inspiration, if you too have an insatiable desire to be wrapped in the heaven we call cashmere on a year-round basis.


Take a cue from always-stylish Selena Gomez, and use your cashmere wrap over your shoulders when you're in the airport, and as a cozy blanket when you're on the plane. Here she is arriving in Nice, looking fabulous in what is actually a roomy sweater, but the wrap takes on almost exactly the same silhouette.

I'm traveling to L.A. in a couple of weeks and plan to wear pretty much what she's wearing: pants that don't wrinkle, a tank, and my cashmere wrap. Also, oversize sunglasses and some cute sneakers, with a pair of heels in my bag to swap out for an instantly chic outfit for lunch straight from LAX.


When you're ducking in and out of shops and restaurants this time of year, you always want an extra layer. If you feel like giving your trusty denim jacket a day off, cashmere is ready to take you to the next level.

This is a perfect look for running errands, picking up your kids, grabbing coffee, or meeting up for brunch on the weekend. Add a cool tote, so you can slip your wrap in it if you end up out in the hot sun.


No matter which coast you call your beach, it always gets chilly at some point. We end up in the Hamptons a lot, where we slide from 80-degree sunshine into 65-degree sunsets in a matter of just a couple glasses of rosé on the sand. I love to have a cozy wrap for this all-important transition! My new grey one does the job more than fine. Wrap yours around your suit when the wind picks up, or layer it over your tank and jeans if you end up at a clam bake at 7. (*Important PSA: don't tuck your cashmere wrap into your straw tote! You don't want to catch it on the scratchy woven exterior.)


When the weekend's over, we're headed back to work in some, way, shape or form. It's always freezing in conference rooms and at lunch meetings, so I'm incorporating my wrap into my summer work uniform. I love the monochromatic look here. This wrap also looks beautiful with a fitted summer dress, draped over one shoulder, like a cape. Ultimate protection against the air conditioners.


Not sure what's sexier than soft cashmere against bare skin in an outfit like this. I plan to copy this outfit to a t (no pun intended) on my next beachy date night out with my husband. Perfection.

If you need some great summer cashmere, you can head to Naked Cashmere and sign up to get 10% off your order with code CASHMERE10. I'd love to hear how you're styling your warmer layers this summer, too! Let us all know in the posts so we can copy you, LOL.




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