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Fall Closet Upgrade: Wide-Leg Jeans

Are you ready to offer wide-leg jeans a spot in your denim rotation? These options are all ridiculously flattering and equally versatile for fall.

Have you been in the same boat with me for the last few years? I've been on skinny-jean autopilot for so long, I forgot how flattering and comfortable a wide leg cut can be. Now, I'm really embracing this looser, more elegant drape. Honestly, wide-leg jeans elevate pretty much anything you choose to throw on with them. They make us all look a little taller, a little more graceful. Try on a pair, and you'll be pleasantly surprised, I pretty much guarantee it.

Just so we're on the same page, I don't plan to abandon my skinny jeans any time soon. They continue to reign supreme on the runways, and you'll never find a better foundation for over-the-knee boots and a sweater. But we all know that there's room for more than one denim standby in our closets, and I'm really digging my new love: wide-leg denim in the way of trousers, flares, and baggy girlfriend jeans.

Wondering how to make the most of them? Here are a few of my current favorites, paired up with key elements to help you curate the look you're going for.

To wear them in a casual work environment or out to lunch, try channeling their '70s heritage with a pair of heeled boots, and a sweater or turtleneck that tracks your curves and balances the volume of the denim. Bonus points for some amazing hoop earrings to complete your vibe.

To wear them super relaxed on the weekend, just add a cropped (not messy) hoodie and some vintage-inspired sneakers. Layer on a lightweight puffer jacket if you're headed out for errands or to the game.

To dress them up for an evening out, try a flowy silk blouse, an embellished pump, and a few statement jewelry pieces. Don't be afraid to go three buttons open on the blouse; just use this awesome sticky tape to keep it from opening lower than you want. Then you can layer on your necklaces with abandon.

I love all these looks, but am most excited about adding some glamour to them with some '70s-style edge! Let me know how you're wearing yours; I'd love to see your look and get inspired by you. Leave a comment here or post on Instagram @lylas_xo.




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