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Game Changer: This Clean Skincare Line Has Given Me the Best Skin of My Life

It sounds too good to be true, but honestly, these are the products that completely cleared my breakouts, gave me smoother texture, regenerated firmness, and softened my lines.

My sisters and I talk skincare pretty much every day of our lives, in some way or form. Over the years, we‘ve tried and compared what must amount to thousands of products. I'm always super curious about new innovations and formulations, and when it comes to the skincare game, I take my role of lead experimenter seriously - I'll try just about anything so I can report my wins and losses back to the team. I mean, anything for the sake of the sisterhood’s greater good, right?

So, you can imagine that it would take something truly exceptional to convince me to change my approach. Enter my personal holy grail: True Botanicals. I found this line two years ago, looking for products that could magically fix my skin issues while doing no harm to me or the environment. To this day, I remain doggedly loyal to the brand, so much so that it's hard for me to consider a world without it.

When I started using True Botanicals, I was still experiencing breakouts: hormonal and also from congestion thanks to pollution, chemical-laden skincare products, and makeup. I also was coping with diminishing if my collagen checked the calendar, saw I'd hit my forties, and packed up to begin the slow goodbye. And of course, I was dealing with sun damage and melasma, both of which were setting up camp on my face as fast as the good guys were leaving.

Within six weeks of switching to the True Botanicals Clear product line, something amazing happened: my skin completely stopped breaking out. No hormonal, painful lumps. No patchy outbreaks from congestion. No overnight surprises. This was the first time in 30 years that I'd been truly blemish free for more than a week at a time.

A few months later, I realized my skin was recapturing its glow, and was smoother, firmer and more hydrated than it had been in a decade. Fast forward to now: I don't break out. Fine lines don't seem to grow deeper. I never deal with dryness or oiliness...just balanced skin. All this with organic, Safe Certified ingredients, and absolutely none of the toxins that wreak havoc on our livers and our planet.

I realize this seems hard to believe, especially for those of us who've coped our entire lives with skincare challenges, no matter how well we treat our skin. The secret, for me, has been a combination of disciplining myself to stop over-treating my skin, removing highly caustic ingredients, and incorporating these products. If you're interested in learning more, their site explains everything you'd want to know.

Here's what I use daily; it's a no-fail system for me.

Cleanse: #1 & 2

At first, I used the Clear Nourishing Cleanser on its own and loved it...and then I discovered the beauty of oil cleansing. With this method, you will never have to scrub your face again - it's a much lovelier, softer way to get a deep clean. To do it, start with the oil on your dry face, then add the cleanser to combine, and rinse. I use the Pre Cleanse Oil with the cleanser every evening (to dissolve makeup and SPF), but just the cleanser in the morning.

Tone: #3

Just a bit of the Nutrient Toner on a cotton round, each evening after cleansing. Forget any notions of toners from your teenage years; this is nothing like that. It's refreshing, herbal, and incredibly soothing. My skin feels perfectly clean after this.

Moisturize: #4

If you haven't hopped on the skin oil train yet, I'm here to welcome you aboard! Please don't be scared, the *right* oil will NOT break you out. In fact, it will break up and dissolve your existing congestion, and speed healing without irritation. It's a process that feels radically different than the "dry it to smithereens" method we've all been taught. Just blend 6-10 drops of the oil into your clean, damp face. (Make sure it's damp! Dry skin won't be able to absorb the oil properly.) I use the Clear Pure Radiance Oil, which seems to matter for me. I briefly switched from the Clear to another variation, and I noticed a small breakout brewing, so I switched right back. Never a problem after that.

Repair: #5

Immediately after applying oil, I layer a few drops of this Clear Repair Serum on top. It balances, hydrates, and works to clear your skin overnight. I've never used anything as powerful, yet gentle, for treating breakouts and resolving the signs of aging. Ultimate game changer for me.

Exfoliate: #6

Twice a week or so, I use this 5-minute Resurfacing Moisture Mask to exfoliate and freshen my skin. It works like a charm and leaves your skin totally glowing. It has just the right amount of lactic acid to be effective without breaking down your all-important skin barrier.

Of course, I have a few other hero products I incorporate, and I still love to experiment here and there (a tiger can't change all her stripes, you know) - but the above products are non-negotiable for me, and the absolute foundation of my daily skincare practice.

If you're interested in trying True Botanicals, I encourage you to take their skincare quiz to see their recommended products for your specific concerns. And, you can use this link and Code JOINUS20 for $20 off your first purchase. I hope you love it, if you try it!




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