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You Can Wear This: 3 New Ways to Wear Leather this Fall

Fall is officially here, and leather (real and vegan) is bigger than ever. If you're wondering how to wear leather beyond your go-to jacket, these are the freshest ways to do it for the coming season. Bonus: they're easy...and they look amazing on all of us.

I'm so excited that it's officially time to start dipping into our fall closets. Whether it's already chilly where you are, or warm year-round, I think leather deserves to be on your radar. Here's why: it's a cool-weather classic, of course, but this year it's been promoted from support role to center stage, making it at once timeless and very much of-the-moment.

I fully intend to keep my beloved moto jacket in rotation, but this year the leather story is all about separates swapped in for the pants, skirts, and blouses you're accustomed to. It's leather in a beautiful, feminine, flexible way we haven't seen in a while. Read on for three easy approaches to the trend, and some key pieces to add for Fall 2019.

A quick note: vegan leather has come so far over the past few years; it feels buttery smooth and is a total cinch to care for (machine wash, drip dry). Most suggestions here are of the vegan variety, but I included some classic leather pieces as well - they're a fantastic investment if you choose to go that way.

FUNDAMENTAL: Leather Leggings or Pants

It cannot be overstated: every woman should own at least one pair of leather leggings or pants. A good pair is a true, forever fundamental for your wardrobe — one level up from your favorite denim, or one level down from your flawless black dress, depending on the day and your mood. As you pair them with different accessories, you'll find yourself wearing them everywhere. If you haven't taken the plunge yet, now's the time to get in the game.

If you aren't normally a leggings person, don't opt out just yet! Keep in mind that leather adds a luster and weight to leggings that make them feel more substantial than you might think. And, you have options: you can go for leather versions cut like skinny jeans, slim trousers, and even joggers, as you can see in the examples below.

Right now, I'm wearing vegan leather pants as the starting point for one of this season's biggest trends: the polished, all-lady vibe. To try it, pair them with one of the soft, flowy feminine shirts we're seeing everywhere, and a jacket and pumps for work. Alternatively, go with a classic trench as your layering piece. Then, perfect the mood with some modern pearls for extra credit. You'll be channeling your own personal version of Meghan Markle in the best way.

On Saturday, wear them with your favorite sweatshirt and sneakers, or your trusty, oversize button-down and chunky boots. If you want a little more coverage, just layer a longer tank or tee beneath your shirt. You'll be more comfortable than if you pulled on your jeans, but you'll look like you tried way harder than that.

Here are my faves for every body and every look - just click for details and to buy.

EXPERIMENTAL: Leather Midi Skirts

As pictured up top, leather skirts are enjoying a comeback in a new, majorly feminine way. Expect to see them all fall and winter: knee-length or longer, with some volume, and feminine details like pleats and buttons.

You can pull this look off! All you need to do is pair it with a fitted tee or sweater (to balance the volume of the skirt), or a filmy blouse (I'm feeling animal print) and minimal jewelry, since the skirt is a major statement in itself. Pumps are the no-fail option to finish off the look, but if you want warmth/comfort, tall knee-high boots look amazing and super modern, too. (If you're on the petite side, go for booties.) I love this piece because it feels so fresh, and is equally perfect for work and a night out.

These are all fantastic options to add to your closet:

EDGY AND COOL: Leather Blouses

Here's how to take this look to the edge: instead of your go-to shirt, try out a leather blouse. It's the perfect way to reinvent your tried and true blouse/skinny jeans/boots combo. I'm loving the edge of head-to-toe black for this look, but a warm brown leather shirt tucked into a wool skirt is an excellent option for work, too. (The rust-colored vegan blouse featured below is only $32.99! Makes it so easy to try out the trend.)

Here are some of my favorite pieces, at price-points for everyone.

I hope you feel inspired to experiment...I pretty much guarantee you'll feel beautiful in all of these. Happy fall, sisters!




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